Information for Referrers

Referring patients for specialist care should be seamless. Once a referral has been made, your patients can contact Dr Alexander’s rooms to make an appointment at a time that suits them. Alternatively, you can use our online referral portal for a quick and easy, paperless referral.

You can rest assured knowing that your patient will receive comprehensive assessment and a tailored treatment plan and that all aspects of the consultation will be communicated to you in a clear and timely manner.

Should you wish to discuss patient care with Dr Alexander directly do not hesitate to contact our rooms – Justin will be more than happy to discuss difficult or urgent cases over the phone.

Further information on conditions treated by Dr Alexander can be found on this site, including a wide range of non-operative management plans that you are free to institute with your patients prior to referral. Your patients can access specific post-operative rehabilitation plans via the website to ensure that their recovery stays on track.

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