Minimally Invasive Orthopaedic Surgery

Advances in technology allow surgeons to perform more and more procedures using minimally invasive techniques. Justin takes a great deal of pride in remaining at the cutting edge of minimally invasive surgical innovations. A critical part of this philosophy is only ever adopting techniques that have been demonstrated to be as effective if not more effective that traditional open surgical methods.

Once proven to be safe and effective, less invasive technique have a wide range of potential benefits for patients such as faster recovery, less post-operative pain, smaller scars. Basically surgery becomes a far more refined and targeted procedure, without the potential ‘collateral damage’ of a large open approach.

At sportsmed we are fortunate enough to be the first hospital in South Australia to be using 4K ultra-high definition arthroscopy cameras and monitors. This technology gives unparalleled image quality, allowing surgeons to more accurately assess pathology at the time of arthroscopy and more precisely execute surgical techniques – in short the better we can see, the better we can do! An excellent example of how advancing technology can be incorporated into healthcare to improve patient outcomes.

Arthroscopic (keyhole) surgery is the most obvious example of minimally invasive surgery but even joint replacement techniques have evolved to be less invasive than they were even 10 years ago. Justin will be glad to discuss with you the benefits of a number of less invasive procedures may have for your particular condition.

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