FAQs Orthopaedic Surgery

Here are answer to some of the common questions. If there are any further queries Mel will always be available and willing to assist.

Do I need a referral?

Yes, you will need a referral to see Dr Alexander as a patient. We accept referrals from specialists or general practitioners. A specialist referral lasts for three months and a GP referral lasts for 12 months. We also have GP’s working here at sportsmed who you can obtain a referral from.

What to bring to your appointment?

  • Referral
  • Any relevant x-rays and scans
  • Medicare card
  • Private hospital cover card
  • Any further relevant information regarding your health (medications, previous surgeries etc)

Upon arrival for your first appointment, you will be required to complete our patient registration and health history forms. If you would prefer, you can complete these online now – one less thing to think about when you come to see us!

Workplace or motor vehicle injury?

If you have a compensable claim you will need to bring the claim number, case manager name and phone number your initial consultation. The more information you bring the more it will streamline this process for you.

If you consent for surgery, a ‘Request for Surgery Approval’ will be sent to the insurance company. Most of the time the insurance company will require a report from Dr Alexander. Once the report has been completed and we have received written approval for surgery we will be able to get you booked in.

Will I need any further x-rays or scans?

Please bring all of your relevant x-rays and scans to your consultation.  To ensure a comprehensive assessment without the need for further appointments we may contact you beforehand to arrange further imaging.  If you are unsure that you have had adequate imaging, please contact us prior to your consultation with Dr Alexander.


Justin’s consulting fees are in line with Australian Medical Association recommendations. The initial consultation fee is $184; you will receive a rebate from Medicare of $76.15. There is no charge for your immediate post-operative follow up after your surgery.
Subsequent consultations are charged at $98; you will receive a rebate from Medicare of $38.25.
Consideration will be shown for pensioners or concession card holders however this should be discussed with the rooms prior to your appointment with Dr Alexander.

Car parking?

At sportsmed Stepney branch we have ample parking on site.  There is plenty of parking in between the hospital and the clinic and also under the hospital.

What if I need surgery?

After you have seen Dr Alexander and completed the consent process for surgery, you will meet his personal assistant Mel.  She will go through available dates for surgery, which can be confirmed on the day if you wish.  If, however, you need more time before committing to surgery, some dates will be given to you and you can call to confirm a time when convenient.

You will be given a thorough estimate of any out-of-pocket expenses that are anticipated with your surgery. We always strive to keep these to a minimum, the exact amount will depend on what procedure you are having, your health insurance and any post-operative care that may be recommended. We firmly believe that it is only fair that you are well aware of these anticipated expenses prior to commencing your surgical journey.

Where does Dr Alexander consult and operate?

Dr Alexander’s private practice is based at our sportsmed Stepney Hub where he proudly both consults and operates. Dr Alexander consults in Mt Barker on a fortnightly basis at Summit Health Centre and also visits Broken Hill on a monthly basis.

Justin has additional admitting and operating rights at Calvary North Adelaide and Ashford Hospital and in certain circumstances this may be recommended for your surgery.  This will be discussed in more detail at your consultation.

Dr Alexander also works as part of the specialist Upper Limb Unit at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Driving after surgery?

One of the most common questions I am asked is ‘when can I return to driving?’. It is a very important question because it has significant implications not only for your convenience, but also for your safety and that of other road users.

Seeking a second opinion?

If you are seeking a second opinion, please contact our rooms for further information. Dr Alexander will provide a second opinion for patients, however it is important for you to understand what to expect from this kind of consultation.

With your permission, correspondence from this consultation will be sent to your GP and original surgeon before any further plans regarding treatment are made.

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