Billing Information

Initial Consultation

Once you have a referral from your general practitioner and you contact Dr Alexander’s office for the first time you will be advised of the fees for the initial consultation. After your consultation we will submit the claim online and you will receive a partial rebate from Medicare within 24 hours back into your account.

If you have an accepted claim through work cover or third party you will need to provide these details so the account can be sent directly to them. If your claim has not yet been accepted the full cost of the consultation will be payable at the time of the consultation.

Special consideration will be made for patients holding a pension or health care card.


For patients who have private hospital cover an approximate out of pocket fee will be able to be provided to your after your consultation with Dr Alexander. The out of pocket gap charged is dependant on your health fund and level of cover you hold with them. Most private hospital cover has some form of excess that is payable at the time of admission to hospital.

Uninsured Patients

The surgeon fee for uninsured patients is in line with private hospital cover fees. Please call our office for detailed information regarding fees for surgery.

Workcover / Third Party

If you are consented for surgery with an accepted compensable claim a request for surgery approval will be sent to the insurance company. Generally once the insurance company has received this they will request a report from the surgeon. Once the pre-surgical report has been sent it usually isn’t long before we are provided with written approval and a surgery date can be organised.

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